torstai 13. helmikuuta 2020

Kiristyskirje puhelimesi vakoilusta

Jälleen uusi kiristyskirjetyyppi. Nyt väitetään, että puhelimeesi on asennettu vakoiluohjelma jonka rekisteröimät viestit, puhelusi ja verkkovierailusi levitetään maailmalle ja vaimollesi.

Tämä on perätön uhkaus ja voit huoletta heittää kirjeen roskakoriin. ÄLÄ missään tapauksessa maksa lunnaita. Se rahameno on täysin tarpeetonta ja käytetään uusien aiheettomien kiristyskirjeiden laadintaan.

JA JOS vielä epäilet, kysy itseltäsi: miksi tätä kiristyskirjettä ei lähetetty minun matkapuhelimeeni, jonne kiristäjä väittää vakoiluohjelmansa asentaneen? Näitä saapuu eri osoitteista joten yhden osoitteen suodattaminen ei auta.  Sinulle kirje voi tulla jopa matkapuhelimen kautta mutta yhtä varmasti kiristys on aiheeton.


So, your wife does know what I know? See... I don`t judge a man mating with another woman but maybe your co workers, relatives, familly, friends and so on will judge you, if they find out.
Now, maybe you ask yourself this. Who I am and how I know this right? I can`t tell you my name(obviously), I don`t even know you, but what I can say is how I find out about this and the answer is smartphones!
Those devices are not actually that smart, you have installed some time ago a application that pretend to do something and behind your back without your knowlodge was tracking your activity. This application has some maIlicious code also is collecting everything including recording calls, sms, all activity and then is sending the collected data to one of my compromised computers located somewhere on an island.
Everyday I manually analyze data collected from hundred of people around the world and I`m looking for something that can worth it like this case for example.
The deal is next. You make a donation of 950 $ worth in Blt Coln value. Otherwise, well... your secret will not be a secret anymore. I created a special archive with some materials for your wife that will be delivered if I don`t get my donation. It took me some time to accumulate enough information.
The amount is almost: 0.1 BTC.
My address part1: 14BUV5f4oWPgTA62Kr3erW (koodi on muutettu vahinkojen välttämiseksi)
My address part2: gAYBXXm5yd
Very important! My address(which is case sensitive) was split in two parts, you must to copy and paste the part1 + part2 and then the final result after the parts are put toghether is actually my address where you can send the coins.
So, my guess is that you never used Blt Coln. In order to get them use Google and search for Pax ful. I`m aware that you have that money because I verified report, it cost me a few dollars(with a stolen credlt card) to buy the information from some dodgy big databases of information. All that we do on pretty much any online activity, social media, browser is stored by those companies and then the info is sold to individuals like me. It`s simply how things are working on terra planet, no privacy!
After the donation was sent, your secret will stay safe and you will never hear from me again. As I said I don`t judge you, monogamy is pure BS. Some of those women after 30, they start to look like spoiled milk, complain all day, making your life difficult. A woman should bring only pleasure(if you know what I mean) in your life, so if you see somebody else outside your marriage and everything is working ok at home... keep going. Also did you know that almost all the successfull mariages are based on cheating?
The time limit is 48 hours (2 days) from this moment that you read this message!
BTW to uninstall my code from your device check on how to reset to factory settings. Search for your model and proced with the instructions. Also stop installing all stuffs and be careful what you browse online.
This message was set to be sent multiple times. If you already sent my donation and you keep receiving those messages, just ignore them.

Kirje näyttää saapuneen pienestä verkkoviestintätoimistosta. Epäilen, että sen palvelin on hakkeroitu.

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